2065 Lars Way, Medford, OR 97501
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Our SODI karts provide quick speeds and fast thrills along our high-speed indoor kart track.


The SODI RT8 has an integral bodywork which provides racers brand new sensations and an incredible feeling of both car racing and safety on board. The ultra-modern and exceptional design has been associated with all the best and latest SODIKART technologies in order to make this kart unrivaled. 30 years of research and development experience has been concentrated in this product to make it efficient and easy to drive on indoor tracks like Rogue Karting.

All the latest and best on-board safety systems protect you while racing at the only go-kart track in Medford, Oregon. This model is equipped with PROSLIDE 360 protection, integral floor covering and adjustable seats and pedals.

These aren’t the go-karts you grew up with—these are precision racing machines.


When it comes to entertainment, let’s be honest—kids are in charge.

Sodikart has developed the new SODI LR5, a kart designed exclusively for young drivers. At Rogue Karting, we’re proud to offer our junior speed racers use of this kart around our expansive indoor track.

Because children’s safety is our top priority, this go-kart has been designed to come standard all protection components to shield young drivers from injuries, including Proline 360 protection, adjustable steering wheels, adjustable pedals, and an adjustable seat. Young drivers are placed in the best condition, no matter their height or weight, to experience the fun of Rogue Karting’s indoor race track.

The LR5 is Sodikart’s latest child-focus go-kart and offers a striking appeal. With the LR 5, you’ll take your kids to an unforgettable driving experience!